Born 1999, China

Qi Zhuang is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and animator working in both China and the UK. During her MA studies at Royal College of Art (RCA), her works were influenced by Buddhism, phenomenology and symbolism, 
experiencing abstract cosmological ideas through intimate materialist ways with objects, sounds and body languages. Her work shifts across 2D animation, 3D animation, live action video, performance and installation, balancing reality and dreams to widen the fissures between them.

Qi’s works have been exhibited in Austria, Russia, Singapore, the US, the UK, India, Spain and China. As a researcher, her autobiographical essay “World, Symbol, Gaze” is archived in RCA library.


MA Experimental Animation, Royal College of Art, 2020-2023

BA Illustration Animation, Kingston University, 2017-2020

Level 4 Illustration, Cambridge School of Visual and Performance Art, 2016-2017


2024 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
2023 Art On Loop, The Holy Art Gallery, London, LDN
2023 Raw Science Film Festival, Los Angeles, LA
2023 Berlin Shorts Award, Berlin, BE
2023 Paris International Short Festival, Paris, PAR
2023 Hercules Independent Film Festival, Andalucía, BOJA
2023 Animex Screen, Yorkshire, YKS
2021 World Film Carnival Singapore, Singapore, SG
2021 New York City IO Film Festival, New York City, NYC
2021 Faith Fest, Califonia, CA
2021 Reconnecting, OXO Tower Wharf, London, LDN
2021 Druk International Film Festival, Paro, PBH
2021 Tagore International Film Festival, West Bengal(State in India), WB
2021 空无,No Space Gallery, Online
2021 What We Talk About When We Talk About,Royal College of Art, Online
2020 Esoteric International Film Festival, Moscow, MOS
2019 Fragments & Non-Linear Narratives, Drawing Room, London, LDN


2020 Kingston Animation Prize, Runner-up, Vintage Books Company, London, UK
2017 Awarding Body Extended Diploma in Art & Design Scholarship, Cambridge School of Visual and Performance Art, Cambridge, UK