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Neti, neti...

In Z town, we only know a fragment/an aspect/ a side of time. In this moment I am in now, I am busy interpreting the past, and experiencing the future. Time and I, do not know who has shaped each other, or who is the vessel for whom.

Every word in Z town is a forever refraction, confusing those outside the city. The dreadful names, letters and syllables, containing supreme power, make us forget that language is originally a feeling.

With regard to love, the divine love sometimes descends on the city of Z, insulted or revered (because it is not dead). There is a lot of debate around it, but too few people muster the courage to approach, the great mysterious unsullied friend.

In the city of Z, every human body is a collection of fragments. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, those who dream of themselves, put these together.

2023. 7. 11

“Ashes fell from the sky ... I looked back, and behind me the mist rolled and swept in and pursued us. Immediately darkness fell… only to hear women crying, children screaming, men shouting, some lamenting their doom, others lamenting the misfortune of their loved ones, and still others praying for death out of fear of it. Many raised their hands and begged God to bless them, while more thought there was no God anywhere. The world's last, eternal darkness had come…”

My death is married to my life.

The dowries are two choices - the

Past, present and future together, or only

The candle tears wet the paper,

the stage becomes bubble.

Is the poem also a cage? The psalm is the border of a window.

The sky sprays the land and the sea

with the perfume of wind.

The silence is the volcano outside the window

that is about to bleed.

No, do not speak. Words are forever refracting.

I am the one that just like you, a collection of fragments and pieces.

Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind,

Those who dream of me, combing me together.

Are you leaving?


We are warned not to think about the unreal, but to look at what we actually see. Yet, what we see can easily turn into illusion, sometimes glorious, sometimes dizzying. Why, I ask myself, create a certain reality? What is the difference between this created reality and the real one? Apparently, people enjoy walking into an illusion and then leaving it again. Most of the time I feel my own existence from objects that are opposite to me, sometimes I simply perceive my own existence. That's why we are separate in the first place. I think it is not what I see that matters, but what I imagine - between me and the object I see. Me, you, between us. For example, air is needed for a fire to burn - in the gap between the fire and the fire. Metaphors always bring the best inspiration. The metaphor provides a way of saying the obvious while, at the same time, saying nothing at all. You see, we used to be free, until we invented words. Death and living, illusion and reality, the gazer and the one being gazed, freedom and bondage… to this point, everywhere a prison, everywhere a paradox.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2023. 1. 23