A Pray is a Buddhist film aims to convey the emptiness of all by presenting an abstract physical (and psychological) connection between two performers, using simple Buddhist symbols.

This is a film that has infinite meaning for me and was influenced by the words of my guru. Even it is raw and short, I still believe it contains the most precious things. I'm very lucky that this work has now been spotted at four film festivals, and helped me get into the Royal College of Art. It was also interviewed by professors at Goldsmiths University London, Central Saint Martins- University of the Arts London, and School of Visual Arts. I hope more people can see it, and feel inspired, or feel a sense of relief.

Award Winner, Gangtok International Film Festival, Sikkim, 2021
Award Winner, Druk International Film Festival, Paro, 2021
Semi-Finalist, New York City IO Film Festival, New York, 2021
Screening, Faith Fest, California, 2021
Screening, Esoteric International Film Festival, Moscow, 2021
Screening, Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival, Dhaka, 2021

A Pray from Zhuang Qi on Vimeo.