Survived from Illusions


Film, 04’’44’

Event: ︎

"Survived from Illusions" is accompanied by rhythmic music and traditional Chinese opera singing, and describes a state of mind that struggles with the world of dualism, as well as discussions and illusions about truth. In the work, elements of duality are recurring, such as life and death, individual and group, fire and water, etc. The protagonist appears in the scene in a dream or hallucination-like form. At the end, the author sets up a "hope" that all beings can escape from this dichotomy, or be liberated in their own way. Like all dualisms, "hope" corresponds to "despair", or "hopelessness", and the appearance of hope must be accompanied by a chaotic, complex journey. The feeling of hope is like looking for a glass of water in a desert or a sea of fire, which may be an illusion, or the sea of fire is an illusion, or both. As the Diamond Sutra says:

“All conditioned phenomena
Are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow,
Like dew or a flash of lightning;
Thus we shall perceive them.”

Austrian Premiere, VIENNA SHORTS, Vienna, 2024
North American Premiere, 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2024
“Art on Loop” Exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, 2023
Nominee, Berlin International Art Film Festival, Berlin, 2023
Best Student Short Film, Hercules Independent Film Fetival, Andalucía, 2023
Screening, Animex Screen, Yorkshire, 2023